Hi! My name is Saara Holappa. I was born in the countryside in Tyrnävä, Finland in 1994 and I currently reside in the city of Oulu, Finland. Living by the sea and nature is something that I am constantly grateful for.

Drawing and comics have been my passions for as long as I can remember. I have worked on a lot of independent comic projects, five zines and illustrations.

I experiment with different art styles and techniques. I enjoy making very minimalistic, graphic art as well as more detailed (digital) paintings and abstract works. The pieces that are born without planning tend to be my favorites.

I am mostly self-taught, but in addition I have studied visual arts in various places over the years. I attended Oulu Art School weekly for about ten years, making art and comics. After graduating from an art-oriented high school, I studied comic techniques in Liminka School of Arts for two years.

Then I went to study graphic design to Oulu University of Applied Sciences in 2015–2020. I also did exchange art studies in Nagoya Zôkei University, Japan in 2018.


I held my first solo art exhibition in Café Kolo (that has closed its doors), Oulu in 2019, featuring my acrylic painting series "Relationship" and other drawings, mostly pencil works, from 2017-2019.


Besides making art, I enjoy vegan cooking, exploring new places, singing, being in nature and learning about health and wellbeing. Spirituality is an important part of my life.

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